FloWriter’s Best Stories of 2019

The end of the decade is upon us. The fledgling FloWriter was only around for the last two-ish years of this decade, but it’s come a long way. We covered a lot of ground and I’ve hand picked a few of the most popular stories from the last year, which explored Key West’s secession and rebellion, the Fastest Woman on Earth, Florida’s Legendary “Volcano,” a potentially necrophiliac Florida Man, and the notorious Skunk Ape.

If you missed these the first time around, the holidays are a great time to slow down and catch up. If you’ve read these stories already, do me a favor and send them to someone who hasn’t 🙂

Based on analytics, social media engagement, and my own personal biases, I present to you FloWriter’s Best Stories of 2019.

1. On the Cultural Track of the Skunk Ape

Everybody loves a good myth…but myths are always grounded in reality. Learn about the origins of Florida’s own native Sasquatch–The Skunk Ape–why we will never find the truth, and why that doesn’t matter at all.

2. The Remarkable Career of the Fastest Woman on Earth

Betty Skelton has been inducted into the International Aerobatic Hall of Fame (first woman), the NASCAR International Motorsports Hall of Fame (first woman), the Tampa Sports Hall of Fame, the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame, the Woman in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame, the Corvette Hall of Fame (first woman), the International Council of Airshows Foundation Hall of Fame, the National Aviation Hall of Fame, the Motorsports Hall of Fame, and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. She also flew a boat over a car, so yeah, you’re going to want to read this one.

kaco33 1955 (miss dodge)

3. Sovereign State of Mind: How “America’s Escape” Escaped from America

Key West is weird. I love Key West.


4. Courting Count Kidnaps Corpse: An unusual story with a familiar end.

But sometimes Key West is too weird. Check out this FloWriter Halloween Special, and be prepared…it’s a little gruesome.


5. The Wakulla Volcano, Part 1: “The greatest physical phenomenon in Florida”

Ok, so the first post in this three-part series was written in 2018, but you really have to start from the beginning if you want to learn about the legendary and elusive Wakulla Swamp Volcano.


Clearly 2019 was a great year. If you just joined us this year, welcome! If you’ve been around since 2018, thank you for sticking with us since the beginning. It is incredibly fulfilling to know that of all the places you can visit on the world wide web, you spend some of your time at FloWriter and read my stories. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The end of the year calls for some reflection. To that end, if there is something you want to see, read, or even complain about, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or message me via Twitter or Instagram. FloWriter is for you, so any feedback you have will help make this place the best it can be.

This is also a great time to give thanks, and if you want to show your appreciation for FloWriter, please spread the good word and keep sharing our stories. You can also head to our Essential Florida Books, click some links, and buy some books. Every click or purchase helps. (And books make for the best holiday gifts.)

A new decade is upon us. Let’s try to take this one a little slower. Take a few minutes out of your day…watch the birds. Give more. Read more books. Get outside more. Get more uncomfortable. Find your community. Make your place.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and thank you,